Leave cutting machines and cutting work to Itotec.
We meet requirements of precise and safe “cutting work.”
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SC Series paper cutting machine has appeared.
Work efficiency and safety performance have evolved while the
high accuracy and long life remain the same.
Lots of helpful functions are provided with superior ease of maintenance in this paper cutting machine.
Evolving paper cutting machine
eRC Series paper cutting machine
Cutting operation with double sliding drive, a tradition of
Itotec, boasts preeminent accuracy.
Anyone is a skilled operator at once
SExcellent artificial intelligence (AI) has brought
evolution to cutting work.
Exhibition News At “International Robot Exhibition 2019” held at Tokyo Big Sight, a power-saving robot (YANAGIHARA MECHAX.CO.,LTD) that moves paper on a pallet to the jogger was released. News articles
About Itotec We are a manufacturer of the cutting machine that cuts paper and so on. Not to mention computer installation in the paper cutting machine for the first time in the world, our assured technology has obtained reliability and praise not only in Japan but also in paper cutting fields all over the world. The paper cutting system matching customer’ s needs can cut not only paper but also rubber, plastics and glass fiber. Itotec will keep meeting various “cutting” requests with advanced technology.


Check the motion of the cutting machine or that of peripheral devices in a movie. Contents related to Itotec’ s products and cutting technologies will be added later.

FC3 Cutting machine

Cutting machines overhauled with genuine parts to regain a high quality. Excellent precision with superior cost performance.

Helpful optional units

“Adjust to shifts in register marks.” “Automatic waste treatment.” Helpful functions not found in competitors’ machines having been prepared thanks to deep knowledge into cutting job sites support work!

Cut materials other than paper!

Various examples and know-how in cutting are introduced. Lots of cutting examples of materials other than paper are introduced in this special site.

Arbitrary layout and system design

The desired layout and cutting system can be established. Flexible to meet requirements of irregular layouts. We can meet requirements for extraordinary mechanical motions and dimension changes.


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General catalog of SC Series paper cutting machine.
New model featuring full of helpful functions
General catalog of ROBOCUT Sysyem.
Combine a paper feeding/discharging unit to further improve the efficiency.
General catalog of eRC Series paper cutting machine.
Accuracy and operability are pursued. Safety is also built in the eRC paper cutting machine.

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