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FC3 paper cutting machine
Overhaul overturning the image of the second-hand machine.
High quality realized due to the manufacturer of the paper cutting machine.
Genuine parts are used.
Safety units having passed model tests are installed.

Best among overhauled paper cutting machines
We can overhaul your machine at our factory. In the meantime, you can keep operating with a substitute machine we prepare (charged).
Your Jackal paper cutting machine will add performance through overhauling.

Low-cost ready-to-install recycled paper cutting machines.
Jackal paper cutting machine having played the main role in the paper cutting field is overhauled to become model FC3. Though the machine is secondhand, FC3 is a genuine paper cutting machine overhauled by Itotec. High quality and safety as well as good cost performance are favored by customers.

A multi-function LCD touch panel is installed in view of operability.
FC3 considers operability of the operator. A touch panel used for new models is adopted. Entry and checkup of course job details and data necessary for paper cutting jobs are smooth. Work efficiency will be improved.

Both accuracy and safety are pursued.
The knife boasts excellent accuracy and durable cutting performance due to the double sliding drive with which the left and right worm gears give driving forces. In addition, the design includes safety beam guards and so on to assure safety of the operator.

JAC Series having obtained reliability all over the world.
The main body is Itotec’s Jackal paper cutting machine reputed with preeminent performance and little trouble in the world. Its high quality and performance are relied by operators all over the world.

FC3 is finished through processes that can be realized by only the manufacturer.
Disassembly and parts check
All machine parts are disassembled and defects are checked for.
Re-painting and re-plating
Painting is made in the same processes as those used for new machines. Plated parts such as the leveling block surface and wing leveling block are plated again.
Re-painting and re-plating
Painting is made in the same processes as those used for new machines. Plated parts such as the leveling block surface and wing leveling block are plated again.
Operation check and delivery
Test operation, adjustment and accuracy check made for new machines are conducted by experienced operators.

Is overhaul reliable?
FC3 adopts genuine specifications for parts and painting realized only by the manufacturer.
High quality is revived through overhaul. The secret is in the technology of the manufacturer. Electric parts, one of weak points of second-hand machines, are replaced with new ones. All other replacement parts are genuine parts. Re-machining and re-adjustment are made by experienced engineers. The leveling block surface and wing leveling block are plated again and the main body of the cutting machine itself is finished with genuine painting.
Applicable model
  • Jackal paper cutting machine
Details of maintenance
  • Major electric parts are replaced.
  • All bearings are replaced with new ones.
  • The main body of the machine is disassembled.
  • Disassembled parts are reworked and re-machined.
  • Cast parts are checked for distortion and re-machined.
Plating and painting
  • All the plated parts such as the leveling block surface and wing leveling block are plated again.
  • Genuine overall painting
  • 6 months since the day of purchase
  • High-speed steel cutting edge, 2 pieces
  • Cutting stick, 3 pieces

FC3 LCD monitor specification, machine specification, precautions
FC3 LCD monitor specification
Display 5.7” color TFT LCD (320 x 240 dots)
Course memory capacity 200 courses 50 pages
Total number of pages 10,000 pages
Entering unit Selection among mm, inch and shaku
Input increment 0.01mm
Max. setting 9999.99mm (however, within limit range)
Min. input increment 0.01mm (however, within limit range)
Function setting Sizing feed, stacking, pushing-out, air control, etc.
Auxiliary functions Calculation, search
FC3 machine specifications
Model 85 100 115 132 137 147
Cutting width
870 1016 1168 1320 1370 1470
Clamp opening
130 145 165 165 165 155
cutting depth
870 1016 1160 1320 1320 1470
Front table length
630 650 700 700 700 650
Table height
870 875 875 855 875 845
Overall width of machine
2410 2620 2790 2940 3010 3125
Height of main body
1560 1590 1640 1620 1640 1640
Overall length of machine
2320 2470 2610 2760 2760 2960
Knife speed
42 42 42 42 42 42
Clamp pressure
400-4000 400-4000 400-4000 400-4000 400-4000 400-4000
2800 3200 3950 4400 4500 5000
Total electric capacity
4.5 4.5 4.85 5.2 5.2 5.95

FC3 uses a single-lamp safety beam guard (non-certified item) and accordingly full automatic operation is impossible. To operate in the full automatic mode, replacement with multi-lamp safety beam guard (certified item) is necessary. (Charged)

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