Evolving paper cutting machine
Support for small size up to wide size
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High performance artificial intelligence (AI) on the cloud uses information about CIP4 / JDF to instantly create the best cutting procedure. Follow easy-to-understand instructions shown in an animation to carry out the job like a skilled operator even if you are a novice.
Itotec’ s eRC Series paper cutting machines working in cutting fields all over the world. Easy-to-handle and accurate. And the safety of the operator is also pursued. The wide line of products ranges from single sliding drive small machines to double sliding drive standard machines to large size machines.
Combination of an epoch-making L-shaped layout and one-chuck transfer. With a moving line of minimum loss time, one-person operation is possible. High productivity is realized with a low cost.
Each time paper is cut, the cutting waste automatically drops below the table. (Function ON/OFF selection possible) In addition, with an optional damper for automatically collecting paper waste, interruption of work for dust discharge is eliminated.
Correction of deviation of register mark indispensable for accurate cutting operation. This fine adjustment can be made with the accurate swiveling mechanism of the backgauge quickly. In addition, values can be entered while they are checked on the monitor screen. Work is speedy and assured.
First, enter a cutting angle at the touch panel. The paper cutting machine turns the material at the designated angle. The operator simply presses the cutting button. After cutting is finished, the material is automatically set at the next best angle. Repetitive work is smooth. “Angular cutting” with eRC-200 paper cutting machine

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