Dec. 2019 At “International Robot Exhibition 2019” held at Tokyo Big Sight, a power-saving robot (Yanagihara Mechax Co., Ltd.) that moves paper on a pallet to the jogger was released.
Sep. 2019 New paper cutting machine SC Series were released.
Feb. 2019 Celebrated the 100th anniversary since business start.
May. 2016 Paper discharging unit, Unloader 5.0 has been released
Mar. 2015 Favored Reader is available again!
Dec. 2013 Our paper cutting technique reader has been sold out.
Oct. 2013 We participated in exhibition JGA2013 held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Jan. 2013 Itotec participated in “Kobundo Spring Material Exhibition” held at Fukiage Hall in Nagoya where paper cutting demonstration was conducted with the eRC paper cutting machine.
Sep. 2011 We participated in IGAS2011 held at Tokyo Big Sight. We had lots of visitors. Thank you for visiting us.
Aug. 2011 We participated in Pack Print International 2011 held at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Thailand.
May. 2011 After the earthquake, start of restoration proceeds. eRC paper cutting machine is installed in Hachinohe Paper Processing Co., Ltd.
Apr.2011 Ten years have passed since we became a member of CIP4 and now we can use a special logo. The logo is exclusive to members that have maintained continuous CIP membership for ten years.
Dec.2009 “Paper Cutting Technique Reader (Revised Edition)” is now on sale with renewed description!
Oct.2006 The eRC paper cutting machine was exhibited at “Graph Expo 2006” held in Chicago, United States of America.
Jul. 2006 A lecture about the“handling method of the paper cutting machine and safety measures to be taken”was held at the 15th Machine Technology Seminar sponsored by Osaka Bookbinding Industrial Guild.
Feb.2006 Participated in "2006 Excellent Printing Fair" held at Fukiage Hall, Nagoya.We performed paper cutting demonstration of the eRC paper cutting machine.
Dec.2005 The English language page of eRC Series is upload .
Oct.2005 We participated in JGAS 2005 held at Tokyo Big Sight. Our eRC paper cutting machine attracted visitorユs attention.
Jun.2005 eRC Paper Cutting Machine was exhibited in Asia Pack Asia Print 2005 held in Bangkok, Thailand .
May.2005 eRC Paper Cutting Machine was exhibited in China Print 2005 (Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition) held in Beijing, China.
Nov.2004 An additional page has been added for an optional unit called "ROBOTRIM".
May.2004 To the language changeover function for the eRC series, Chinese has beenadded.
Apr.2004 We had a cherry blossom viewing party at Itotec's main office.
Mar.2004 We participated in an exhibition in Osaka
(JP2004 information and printingindustries exhibition).
May.2003 Itotec's leading-edge paper cutter eRC Series is born.
Oct.2002 Itotec has started to sell the Robotrim.
Nov.2001 JGAS 2001 closed with a great success.
Oct.2001 JGAS 2001 is coming soon.
Sep.2001 Planning to exhibit our new products at JGAS 2001.
Sep.2001 Made the primer for cutting technology.
Aug.2001 Took part in CIP4 as a member.